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The Circles Zero Six Eight Group is made up of employees from a modular and prefab construction company that offers on-the-job-training and comprehensive case management to ex-offenders called Zero Six Eight. At Zero Six Eight, employees discover rewarding employment in an understanding environment, enabling our Circles Group to address barriers to reentry in an engaging and empowering way.
Circles Zero Six Eight is the first employer-based Circles group and is excited to tackle this new stage of Circles development! Rather than our Circle leaders being found via a common geography, they are found via a common employer. While this addresses a huge need in the Circles USA model, it also provides a number of challenges to the traditional meeting structure. We are committed to engaging these challenges with the Circles Greater Pittsburgh Community as well as the Circles USA national community!

The Neighborhood

East Liberty

Zero Six Eight operates out of the city’s South Side neighborhood and collaborates with a number of partners throughout Pittsburgh – in the East End, South Hilltop, and South Side. Employees from Zero Six Eight represent many of the city’s neighborhoods, including McKeesport, Homewood, Northside, Clairton, and Farel.

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Zero Six Eight
2 South 6th Street
Pittsburgh, PA

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5:30pm on Wednesdays


P. 571.438.2495

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