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Our group is made up of both men and women who are interested in setting and meeting at least two self-sufficiency goals: one educational goal and one employment goal. Our group ranges in age from 18-50, we offer free structured childcare. The group allows participants to come together with folks who share similar concerns, like housing, employment, educational concerns, parenting and everyday struggles that come with living in poverty. Overtime, the group members develop true friendships and provide strength, encouragement and support to one another.

The Neighborhood

Turtle Creek

Turtle Creek is a community of about 5,000 people 12 miles east of the City of Pittsburgh. Turtle Creek takes it name from a small stream that flows into the Monongahela River. We are famous for The Vogues (a 1960s pop vocal band), and for the fact that George Westinghouse built a manufacturing plant nearby. Turtle Creek is comprised mostly of white, low to moderate income families with a poverty rate around 12%. The neighborhood is battling real estate blight and addiction.

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McMasters Methodist Church
200 Church St Ext,
Turtle Creek, PA 15145
(Free parking)

When We Meet

5:45pm-8pm, Thursdays
Dinner starts at 5:45pm |  Programming and childcare start at 6:30pm


Erica Maloney
P. 412.465.0840

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