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Circles Sharpsburg includes residents of Sharpsburg, Millvale, and O’Hara Township. We serve individuals and families of all backgrounds. Circle Leaders enjoy support from each other and from community volunteers in addressing employment, transportation, and childcare issues which hinder progress towards financial stability.

The Neighborhood


Sharpsburg is a spirited town of 3,400 people, stretching over a mile along the Allegheny River between the Highland Park and 62nd Street Bridges. A transitional community that has seen marked demographic changes in recent years, Sharpsburg has observed increases in its renter and lower-income populations, and the borough is home to a number of new immigrants and refugees. As the most economically disadvantaged community in the otherwise affluent Fox Chapel Area School District, parts of Sharpsburg suffer from blight, disinvestment, food insecurity, and lack of opportunity. However, there are many longtime Sharpsburgers who are proud to call the borough home, and civic engagement has increased with the presence of several new initiatives geared toward youth, such as an intramural basketball team and expanded community library. Sharpsburg’s many faith-based institutions have also helped residents in a number of ways, by addressing issues such as food security and access to essential services.

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Roots of Faith
800 Main Street,
Sharpsburg, PA 15215

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6pm-8pm, Tuesdays
Childcare and dinner are provided. Parking is available and street parking is unmetered after 4:30pm


Kathleen Lipinski 
P. 412.977.9136

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