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Homewood Circles is comprised of 4 Leaders that are currently all women who are striving to become successful business owners and homeowners. They all have their unique challenges they face but have been able to find resources through the Allies. Over the last couple months our leaders have made great strides in achieving their goals with the assistance of the Allies and other resources through being apart of the Circles group. They have been able to takes steps in becoming small business owners, continuing their education, and taking the steps necessary to become homeowners.

The Neighborhood


In the mid-1800s’, Homewood was a destination for the most affluent citizens of Pittsburgh. By 1910, Homewood housed 30,000 residents and was considered a choice location. It was not until a shift in the demographics in the 1950s that Homewood became more racially and economically integrated. Once a vibrant community, it is now challenged with a vicious cycle of poverty, isolation, and disinvestment.

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Lincoln Elementary School
328 Lincoln Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA

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On break for the summer
Starting again in Fall 2017   |
Childcare & meals provided


Erica Lewis
P. 412.491.1718

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