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Our East Liberty Circles Group is a slice of our neighborhood— young and old, rich and poor, black, white, Hispanic and other! There are usually lots of laughs, and always lots of learning as we share our different life experiences. We are committed to understanding each other, helping each other, and learning together. We talk openly about money, race, barriers, and privilege, which is not always fun. But then we see each other in the neighborhood— people who had nothing in common before Circles, and likely would have never met— and we’re hugging and talking in the toy aisle at Target. That’s a scene we hope to see repeated thousands of times in our mixed-income neighborhood thanks to our Circles Group.

The Neighborhood

East Liberty

East Liberty has suddenly been thrust into the national and local spotlight as “the place to be.” Whole Foods, Google, Bakery Square, co-working spaces, and even a Himalayan Salt Cave are now anchors in the neighborhood that just a few years ago was known for crime, drugs, and danger. It seems like it’s been a fast, dramatic change, but it is actually one rooted in a community plan developed in the late 1990s with the goal of creating a “mixed-income destination neighborhood.” What the casual observer may not realize is that hundreds of new low-income and affordable housing units have been built as part of that plan. Our focus now has shifted to connecting all residents to the new jobs, homeownership and opportunities in the revitalized East End of Pittsburgh.

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Eastminster Presbyterian Church
250 N. Highland Ave
East Liberty, Pittsburgh
(Entrance on Station St.)

When We Meet

6pm-8pm, Tuesdays
Dinner starts at 6pm |  Programming and childcare start at 6:30pm


Tammy Thompson
P. 412.361.8061 (ext 15)

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