Be An Ally

What is An Ally?

Circle Allies are community members who want to be in a supportive, intentional, relationship with an individual or family working to get out of poverty. Circle Allies work with Circle Leaders to figure out how to accomplish their plan. You’ll walk side-by-side with the Circle Leaders challenging poverty, barriers, race, injustice and hope. And build new friendships along the way.

How to be an ally

Attend A Poverty Simulation

Often a great introduction into the Circles program for prospective Allies is to attend a Poverty Simulation. Circles sponsors these several times a year through our partnership with Just Harvest. These 2.5 hour events simulate a month in the life of a person or family in poverty. It is a powerful and insightful time.

    Find Your Neighborhood

Seek out the Circles site in your neighborhood/area and contact or email your neighborhood’s Circles Site Coordinator.

You can download the Ally application here and submit it to the Circles Site Coordinator.

    Circle Ally Training

If you are accepted into a local Circles Group, you will be required to attend 5 weeks of Circle Ally Training to learn about the Circles methodology as well as cover the topics of poverty, stereotypes, boundaries and race.

    Meet Your Leaders

Circle Allies commit 4-10 hours each month to be in relationship with their Circle Leader and the larger Circles Group community. The first meeting of each month is the “matched Circle.” On this night the Circle Leader and Circle Allies work specifically on the goals of the Circle Leader – these goals range from getting a bank account, to filling out a FAFSA form, to moving towards homeownership. Circle Allies are also encouraged to attend the third meeting of each month which is called “Big View.” On Big View night, the collective Circles Group of Leaders and Allies work together to address poverty issues and barriers that affect the group as well as the larger community. You also meet once a month outside of the formal Circles group, at a coffee shop or other casual place to work with your matched Circle.


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