Be a Leader

What is a Leader?

A Circle Leader is someone who has been living at or below the line of poverty, and would like to change the outlook of their finances and life goals. They have committed their time and efforts to creating a plan and meet frequently with Allies who help them reach their new goals.

Steps to Becoming a leader

Decide To Apply

The first step is to think about applying. Before you spend time filling out the application, “Are you ready to make at least a two-year commitment to Circles?” “Are you willing to share your goals and dreams with others?” “Are you willing to begin to budget, save, and invest?”

    Find Your Neighborhood

Seek out the Circles site that fits your location/area in the Where We Meet section of the site and contact/email your neighborhood’s Circles group leader.

You’ll fill out an application, have an interview, and complete other paperwork such as a child intake form (if needed) and a media release.

    Circles Leader Training

Once accepted into a local Circles Group you will be required to attend 12 weeks of Circle Leader Training. You’ll learn the details of the Circles method, and cover topics such as budgeting, SMART goals, thriving vs. surviving, diversity, and poverty. You’ll also get to know a group of like-minded peers who want to set goals and better their lives as well…and we promise you’ll have lots of laughs along the way.

    Meet Your Allies

Once this training is complete, we’ll start introducing you to Circle Allies. Eventually we’ll get your input about who you like and who you connected with, and then we’ll match you up with at least two Allies to create your Circle, and to begin the pursuit of your goals.


Find A Circle in your neighborhood Today!

The 5 Steps out of Poverty


Decide you’ve had enough of living week-to-week, enough of being dependent on other programs and people, and enough of lacking clear goals to pursue.

Pick A Number

Too often people go week-to-week, job-to-job, with no clear idea of how much money they need to be successful. Is it $3,000 per month? Is it $18 per hour?

Expand Your Circle

Ditch the Accomplices. Befriend the Allies. You’ll be introduced to a whole group of people like yourself who are setting goals, and a group of Allies to help you in achieving your goals.

Work Your Plan

Your Circles plan could be simple goals like creating a bank account or complex like starting the process of purchasing a home. It will be your plan, coming from your passion and heart.

Be An Ally

This is the final step. After you have completed your goals, you return to the Circles Group as an Ally— someone who is working with others to achieve their goals.

Considering becoming a Leader? Ask yourself these four questions:

Have you had enough?

Are you looking to break free of your weekly struggle with money?

Do you want a better future for your family?

Are you willing to set goals and pursue them with a group of Allies?

If you answered yes, being a Leader may be a great fit.

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