Nearly 1 in 4 People in Pittsburgh Live in Poverty
Together we can make an impact

The poverty rate is over 30% in many Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Thriving families, thriving communities

Our mission is to inspire and equip Pittsburgh area families and communities to resolve poverty and thrive. We believe no one should live in poverty. Families and communities can take charge of their destinies. And if given the right tools and support, economic stability can be achieved.


Join A Circle

Join A Circle

If you are ready to move yourself and your family from poverty to stability, Circles will help you identify goals and develop a plan for reaching them by surrounding you with a support team of other Circle Leaders, Allies and community resources.

Support & Encourage

Support & Encourage

Our Allies are volunteers who join a neighborhood Circles community. The Circles program has enabled people to reach across economic and social barriers to achieve the goal of eliminating poverty and its effects in the Pittsburgh area. Consider joining Circles.

Donate Today

Donate Today

Donations come in all varieties and amounts. There are many ways we could use your help, time, financial contribution, skill share, and resources. See some of the ways that people have contributed in the past, and consider making a tax deductible donation.

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